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BioSound: An Alternative Natural Mental Health Option

BioSound: An Alternative Natural Mental Health Option

Life can seem very difficult as we face day to day challenges.

People are being diagnosed with mental health conditions more and more frequentlely, and are becoming more concerned with every aspect of their well being. Several people rely on medications, but there is a large group of them who are seeking alternative treatment options. Many people who suffer from mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and subtance use disorder may be resistant to wanting to take medications in order to alleviate the issues that they struggle with.

BioSound Therapy grants a non-medical, holistic treatment option for people diagnosed with several mental health issues.

What is Biosound?
Biosound therapy uses biofeedback, sound frequency massage, guided imagery and music therapy to help the person achieve a state of meditation. Basically what happens is the person is placed on a vibrational platform, given headphones, and their eyes are covered. As the individual listens to the binaural beats played through the headphones, the vibrational platform simultaneously uses low frequency vibrations to trigger a natural relaxation response.
Once the person has reached a relaxed state, the eye covering is removed. They will then listen to positive affirmations and experience a guided imagery tour on the monitor. In most cases our clients also wear a heart monitor on their finger that allows the system to measure heart rate. They can then view their heart rate on the screen and practice special breathing techniques in order to calm themselves down.

Why Biosound therapy?
As we all know, life can be full of stressful events. We are all faced with many situations that can cause feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, trauma, and many other mental health issues. BioSound Therapy has been able to help many of our clients learn how to overcome these issues without using medication. It is a natural, holistic way to help your physical body make positive changes. We have seen positive results in many mental health areas including addiction recovery, social anxiety, depression, and athletic performance. There are so many BioSound treatment options available there will definitely be one that is right for you.

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