MAT is a stepping stone to reach complete abstinence from substance use. MAT is not a single process or stand-alone treatment prescribed to reverse a substance use disorder. MAT Housing at Fellowship RCO Recovery Residences provide recovery support services to residents seeking recovery while on a MAT tapered program.

Medication Assisted Treatment Housing (MAT)

Trying to recover alone is a difficult option for individuals that struggle with Substance Use Disorder. It is a hard, tough battle, and even with the support of loved ones, friends and a therapist, time away from home is often required. Structure and organization are very important to restoring the brain’s ability to overcome, and assisted settings such as halfway houses can be best for this. We are on the forefront of MAT housing in South Florida, offering one of the first MAT houses in the whole state.

Medication Assisted Treatment housing also known as MAT programs bring clients safer and more structured environments to heal in. MAT programs offer caring staff who work with you closely. Our staff ensure safety and run a structured environment, focused around the recovery and relapse prevention process. Recovery housing, often referred to as sober living is a proven method to help reduce relapses and feelings of isolation during the recovery journey.

The Benefits of MAT Housing

Medication assisted treatment housing has been proven on many fronts to be the best route to rehabilitation in the face of addiction. Our recovery housing aims to reintegrate struggling individuals back into society. This can be the hardest part of healing from addiction is learning to become an active member again.

MAT housing creates environment of sober living to create a safe space. Fellowship RCO Recovery Residences offer a unique MAT housing option for those who are on Medication Assisted Treatment, where Recovery Coaches offer Recovery Capital Navigational Support, in order to assist individuals with their recovery. The goal of our housing is to bring together individuals who are in similar situations, and successfully transition into a new way of life.

SAMHSA*defines Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) as “the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a ‘whole-patient’ approach to the treatment of substance use disorders.” Fellowship RCO Recovery Residences provide specialized housing to residents who are following a Medication Assisted Treatment plan of care that is directed by a licensed healthcare provider.

Plan of Care & Provider

MAT Housing residents must have a LOCAL licensed healthcare provider directing their Medication-Assisted Treatment plan of care. Provider contact information, records release, and plan of care must be filed with our administer prior to intake. We can connect residents with local providers, if needed.

Personal Responsibility

All medications will be securely stored. MAT Housing residents self-dispense all prescribed medication(s) as directed by their provider with supervision. Each MAT plan of care is monitored by a Certified Recovery Coach House Manager.