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Fellowship RCO provides support those seeking to initiate and sustain their recovery from a substance use disorder, regardless of their chosen pathway, while treating all participants, staff, and volunteers with dignity and respect.

Our 2021 Numbers at a Glance

Nights Of Free Housing To Homeless In Recovery.
Participants Enrolled in Our Back 2 Work Program
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Our Recovery Support Services

Fellowship Recovery Community Organization’s Peer-Based Services Research has shown that recovery is encouraged by social support. Fellowship Recovery Community Organization’s peer-based recovery support services are designed to channel the expertise of those with like lived experience. Our services include emotional, informational, instrumental, and affiliational support in the areas of health, home, purpose, and community.

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Peer Recovery Support Services

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Sober Map App

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SoberMap™ has grown !! We now include AA, NA, GA, SAA, OA, Al-Anon In 9 States along with Smart Recovery, Wharf Rats and MA meetings throughout the World !

SoberMap™ has an anonymous feature as well to align with traditions and to allow someone to see meetings and navigate without signing in. If you sign in, you can message others and even make a call thru the App.

We hope you find this a useful tool for your Recovery journey. Please send comments to, your feedback to date has been essential to making SoberMap a helpful FREE App.