Be part of the movement.

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement for the non-profit world that unleashes the power of radical generosity. Thank you for joining our efforts to continue to save lives and provide a positive impact in our community.

Last year, Fellowship RCO raised $8,160

We have several maintenance issues that need to be addressed and this could be our opportunity to raise the funds for new roofs, plumbing, emergency disaster plans, and scholarships for the indigent, and recovery support services that need to be funded for the sustainability of our organization.

$50 Helps someone stay a night at the Respite

$100 Helps someone receive Peer Recovery Support Services like: Resume/Employment Services, linkages to Financial Assistance, Recovery Coaching, Clothing and Personal Needs Assistance, Linkages to Medical Services and Mental Health Services.

$200 Helps support a new resident with their first week of Rent.

$800 Helps support a new resident for their first month of Rent.

$1000 Helps support the upkeep of our buildings, helps with utilities and maintenance so our residents can have a safe place to call home.

This Year’s Goal is $10,000

Total Raised