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Fellowship RCO’s Fort Lauderdale Adopt A Street Program

Fellowship RCO’s Fort Lauderdale Adopt A Street Program

For almost 2 years, The Fellowship RCO Women’s Recovery Residence, has been officially participating in the Adopt-A- street program in Fort Lauderdale on a weekly basis.

The Fort Lauderdale Adopt-A-Street program is a volunteer-driven cleanup campaign that enables neighbors and organizations to take a hands-on role in making Fort Lauderdale litter free. This program sets an example for others, especially children, improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods and demonstrate pride in the community.


The Fellowship RCO residents work hard maintaining and beautifying their community. The results of that care and attention foster tremendous pride in their neighborhoods. The Adopt-A-Street is the perfect program to encourage residents and businesses to make the same commitment to the City’s public spaces and extend that pride throughout the entire City.

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