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Robert Downey Jr. Opens up About Heavy Drug Use During David Letterman Interview

By JOHN CONNOR COULSTON – October 24, 2020 04:19 pm EDT Robery Downer Jr. is recounting some of the darkest days of his life, including the heights of his drug abuse. Before Downey, 55, turned his life and career around in the mid-2000s, he went through decades of drug use. Things came to ahead in…
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Gov. DeSantis announces $5 million grant to fight opioid crisis

By Scott Sutton | October 27, 2020 at 3:41 PM EDT – Updated October 28 at 9:52 AM Gov. Ron DeSantis and the first lady are holding a roundtable discussion Tuesday afternoon regarding the opioid crisis. During the event, the governor announced a $5 million pilot program to help fight the crisis. The program, called…
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Coronavirus causing rise in drug, alcohol relapses among people in recovery, expert says

By Alexandria Hein | Fox News As the nation gets more stringent about non-essential travel and bans on group gatherings to slow the spread of coronavirus, one expert says the pandemic may result in an unintended rise in drug and alcohol relapses among those who are in recovery. “Yes, we are already starting to see an increase in relapses,” Dayry Hulkow, M.S.,…
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Feds OK use of opioid funding toward other substances

HUNTINGTON — States will soon be able to utilize opioid funding from the federal government to address the resurgence of methamphetamine and cocaine. The 2020 funding bill passed by Congress in December included Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s Combating Meth and Cocaine Act. The bill expands the use of the State Opioid Response Grant funding…
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Hope Fest 2019

Fellowship  RCO Staff at the 6th Annual Hopefest (previously know as Soberfest) There were many agencies showcasing the services available to the  Recovery Community, Food, Live Music, Narcan Training and Distribution. 

Fight Substance Abuse, Get Your Student Loans Paid

It’s always exciting to be able to announce a new programs that can provide relief to student loan borrowers. The National Health Services Corp (NHSC), a federal agency, has established a new student loan repayment assistance program that can provide up to $75,000 to eligible borrowers who make a commitment to helping communities struggling with…
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House Unanimously Passes Rep. Chu Sober Living Homes Bill

June 12, 2018Press Release Washington, D.C. –The House of Representatives today voted unanimously to pass H.R. 4684, the Ensuring Access to Quality Sober Living Act. Introduced by Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27), H.R. 4684 will authorize the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop best practices for recovery residences that promote sustained recovery from…
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How bitcoin is fueling America’s opioid crisis

The crypto drug trade from CNBC. Drug dealers are using bitcoin to finance the deadly wave of fentanyl flooding into the country from overseas. We follow the money from Main Street to the dark web and show how the cryptocraze allows drugs to get delivered right to your doorstep. Aaron Shamo was a bitcoin millionaire. The 28-year-old…
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Kentucky Leads Nation in DEA Arrests For Opioid Distribution

A nationwide DEA investigation aims to remove medical professionals and facilities that contribute to the opioid crisis. A 45-day investigative surge into prescribers and pharmacies that issue excessive amounts of opioids led to 10 arrests and two voluntary surrenders of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrations in the state of Kentucky, which proved to be the…
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Bronx Opioid Court Gives Participants a Chance at Recovery

Once a participant completes their treatment program, their case is dismissed and sealed, according to the Law Journal. A new program run by the Bronx Criminal Court in New York City is hoping to prioritize recovery for people charged with low-level, non-violent offenses. The Bronx’s Overdose Avoidance and Recovery (OAR) program is just over two…
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