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5 Life Skills You’ll Need in Recovery and Where to Learn Them

From navigating arguments to managing your finances, early recovery is often a crash course in the real world. It’s often said that people with substance use disorder stop maturing at the age they were when they started using. If you were addicted to drugs or alcohol throughout your teens or young adulthood, you probably missed…
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AA, 12-step programs more effective at maintaining sobriety

March 11 (UPI) — Twelve-step programs still work for people trying to recover from alcohol problems, a new analysis has found. A study published Wednesday by the Cochrane Library shows Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, and clinically-related 12-Step Facilitation programs are more effective than other treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy. Researchers say that participants in AA and 12-step programs…
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Drugs as a massive component of hip-hop culture

The concept of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” has saturated the music industry since it’s start. What starts as experimentation oftentimes evolves into a serious issue with devastating consequences. A major shift in the music industry has contributed to a massive promotion of substance abuse, to the point that it leans towards making it…
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Turn Your Life Around – Where to start?

 As a self destructive alcoholic and a hard core drug addict who was able to turn his life around and make positive changes, people often ask me about how I am doing it, and what is the easiest way to get there. The answer to those questions can be a simple word like “change“, however,…
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Steps to finding a Sober Living Home that is right for you

Here are some things to look out for when looking for a sober living home: Does the Sober Living Home offer Recovery Support Services? Some examples of these services include a Back to Work Program, Peer to Peer support Specialists, Recovery Coaching, Lifeskills Development program, Etc.. Is there any Structure?  Are there rules in place? Do the…
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How To Find Friends and Adventures Abroad, 12-Step Style

How many people do you know, outside of program, that can hop on a plane and go to Thailand, Malaysia, or Vietnam and have an instant network of friends when they land Traveling sober can be a scary proposition for someone in drug and alcohol recovery, particularly for those of us who stay sober with…
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Recovery Capital And My Personal Experience

The Importance of Building Recovery Capital Several people who have traveled the road to recovery, have been exposed to the concept of “personal inventory”. At times, the personal inventory refers to past indiscretions, liabilities, internal and external assets that may or not exist, that will have a direct effect on our recovery. Those internal and…
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The Importance Of Finding Balance In Recovery

For most addicts, life during the addiction was anything but balanced. The sole purpose and focus of the day was to address the needs of the addiction, creating a hyperfocus on one specific area of life. This was all about the addiction and meeting your needs, numbing your fears or frustrations and getting rid of…
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Overcoming Challenges in Recovery During Holiday Events

December is here and opportunities for urges and cravings seem to be everywhere. Several members of the Recovery Community have put their heads together to offer some suggestions to help you navigate this month’s challenges. People who achieve long-term sobriety have some of the following characteristics in common: They make a firm commitment to their…
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Creating Your Purpose In Addiction Recovery

Finding Meaning In Your LifeMany folks new to recovery often ask me about meaning; more specifically, finding meaning in their lives. Victor Frankel said it best in his award winning book Man’s Search for Meaning. I won’t go into some long explanation about why you should read this book. All I’ll tell you is that…
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