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Month: September 2020

Melania Trump to visit drug treatment center for babies in West Virginia

Source: Washington Examiner by Cailin Yilek | Oct 9,2017 First lady Melania Trump will make her first visit to a drug treatment center on Tuesday. Trump plans to visit Lily’s…
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Margate Recovery Advocate Tells It Like It Is. Alcohol and Drugs Are Killing Us

Source: http://margatenews.net October 03, 2017 By Mitchell Pellecchia More than 100 Americans a day die from alcohol and drug overdose, said Margate’s Rick Riccardi  at a recent speaking engagement in…
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National Recovery Month Closing Ceremony 2017

The National Recovery Month Closing Ceremony at the Fellowship Recovery Center, gave us an opportunity to get to know artist Manny Mendez in an intimate setting. Manny delivered a powerful…
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